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External uses of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used in folk medicine throughout history. They have various uses and can be applied topically on skin, hair, nails or other body parts. It can also be used internally. These oils are used undiluted or diluted.

Undiluted use of essential oils means that the essential oils are targeted at specific parts of the body. Essential oils that are diluted require mixing a carrier oil, such as olive, almond, sesame, or other oils, to use on sensitive skin. Essential oils are applied externally in many different ways. The following are some of applications that can be used, externally.
1. Topical application An essential oil can be used directly over a specific area of the body. One way to apply it topically is to take a small amount in your palm and spread it over the desired area. It may also be applied using a cloth or a cotton ball. Furthermore, for sensitive skin, it would be best to mix the essential oil with some carrier oil and applied to the skin. For easier access, the combination of essential oils and carrier oils can be created in roll-on bottles and stored.
2. Massage It is a common practice to use essential oils with massage oils. The mixture is prepared by mixing a few drops of essential oil in larger quantities of carrier oil. Massage is done by generously applying the oil to the whole body, till it gets fully absorbed under the skin. It is often recommended by doctors, as it has unique stress relieving properties.

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3. Baths Bathing in water that is mixed with essential oils is also a very common practice. In this technique, a few drops of oils are added in warm bath water in a bath tub. Bathing helps the oils get deep under the skin, which results in the relaxation of body and mind. It is recommended to take an essential oil bath at least twice a week.
4. Compress Compress is also a method that is used with essential oils. This technique helps the oils get penetrated in the body and provides amazing results. To us this method, add a few drops of oil in a bowl of water. Then use a soft towel to apply the oil on the body. The use of cold or warm compress depends on the temperature that is preferred or required. Other therapies There are various other therapies for application of essential oils. The benefits of essential oils are well known in the fields of reflexology, acupuncture, auricular therapy and many other types of therapy. These therapies have been used for many years now.


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