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Let's take you through a

journey so you can know us better!

Who we are?

We are AROME GLOBAL, a brand that stands to provide you with pure and handmade products straight from the lap of Mother Nature. Our process avoids the use of harmful chemicals and toxins and therefore ensures that you get only the best. We create exquisite products that are completely free of harmful chemicals, like Parabens and SLS, and provide you with the real goodness of nature. We take pride in being associated with various social causes. Our packing bags are eco-friendly and made by the prisoners from Kolkata. This not only supports the prisoner’s families but also helps in reducing environmental damage. Join hands with Arome Global and contribute to something better.

Our Story

Our journey was started when our founder, Ms. Priyanka Dinodiya , felt the need for genuine Aromatherapy products in the market. So, she began on a mission to create 100% natural products that are effective and sustainable. Her experience and wisdom helped her to come out with something truly authentic.

Our Vision

We aim to build harmony between humans and nature by producing sustainable products that are gentle on the environment. Our products are designed by the finest industry experts that are carefully selected for the best quality materials, to create magical products for you. We also aim to provide the best individualized customer service to our clients to help create relationships that will last for a lifetime

In Her Own Words

Our Presence

We are based in Singapore — one of the most modern and flourishing countries in the world, thriving on sunny weather, beautiful flower arrangements, and harmony. However, we aim to expand our presence by shipping globally and providing the best we can to the world.

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