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Clove Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil is made from the dried blossom buds of clove (Eugenia caryophyllata). It has various restorative properties and is utilized topically for pain relief. The oil is rich in plant-inferred phenylpropanoids, with the primary compound known as eugenol.

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Health Benefits of Clove Essential Oil-

1. Good for your teeth

Historically, the Clove plant and Clove Essential Oil has been used to clean one’s teeth. It contains a compound named Eugenol which helps fight ulcers in the mouth, toothaches, sore gums and bad breath.


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2. Boosts Immune System

The health benefits of Clove Essential Oil include effective boosting of the immune system. It consists of rich antioxidants that fight against free radicals that are responsible for heart problems, different types of cancers, and poor skin. Its immune-boosting compounds are present in its bud, which increases the count of white blood cells and hence keeping the major health issues away.

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3. Fights infections

Another reason to buy Clove Essential Oil is its rich antiseptic properties. This means that you can use it to treat fungal infections, cuts, wounds, and even insect bites.


4. Promotes skin health

Clove Essential Oil also improves skin health. It has been proven to kill infectious bacteria that can cause acne and patches.

We know that it’s hard to maintain skin health in the polluted environments today, but daily use of Clove Essential Oil will not only remove acne but also increases the blood flow, revive youthfulness of your skin and even clear the dead skin. This probably could be one of the best health benefits of Clove Essential Oil.

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5. Beautiful Hair

Hair health is very important. Clove Essential Oil will reduce hair fall and boost blood circulation in the scalp to help promote hair growth. Combine it in your shampoo and use it regularly to get beautiful hair!

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