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Cedarwood Essential Oil

A renowned species of Cedarwood Essential Oil, Juniperus virginiana, originates from the eastern red cedar, or pencil cedar. This essential oil has mitigating and antifungal tonic properties that assist with skin issues, baldness, contamination, anxiety and significantly more.

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Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil

1. Treats Eczema

Cedarwood Essential Oil is a very effective remedy for skin problems. For example, Eczema makes our skin blistered and cracked due to the lack of moisture. By simply applying Cedarwood Essential Oil in soaps or lotions, there will be relief from Eczema. Therefore, the application of Cedarwood Essential Oil can help with various other skin problems as well.


2. Hair loss

Cedarwood Essential Oil is also very beneficial for our scalp and hair problems. It helps in increasing blood circulation on the scalp, which stimulates the hair follicles and gives us stronger hair. Hair loss, alopecia and thinning hair can all be cured with the help of Cedarwood Essential Oil.



3. Antiseptic Properties

Cedarwood Essential Oil is rich in antiseptic properties and widely used in dermatology for benefiting the skin and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. When mixed with a carrier oil, it can be used for healing cuts and bruises naturally, as well.


4. Helps Arthritis

Arthritis is very painful and severely affects our joints and tissues.  The benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil, which includes anti-inflammatory properties, can help minimize the discomfort and joint stiffness. In fact, Cedarwood Essential Oil is one of the main ingredients in most pain medications!


Why go for chemically made pain relievers when you know the natural option? Buy Cedarwood Essential Oil now!


5. Natural Deodorizer

Cedarwood Essential Oil has a very comforting smell, which makes us feel pleasant. Therefore, this oil can be used as a natural deodorant or a body spray, to make you feel refreshed and provide warmth in your heart.


6. Sedative and Calming Effects

It has sedating and calming properties. Therefore, this oil can be used when you are angry or in a bad mood. The benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil help you sleep peacefully, like a baby!

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7. Cough Relief

If you are having a bad cough, you can use Cedarwood Essential Oil, which has antispasmodic properties. Just rub a few drops on your chest and inhale!


8. Fights Acne

Cedarwood Essential Oil has antiseptic properties. This can help clear away one of the biggest skin problems: Acne! Try adding a few drops to your moisturizer to help remove acne naturally and permanently!


9. Bug Repellent

Do you have an infestation of bugs, ants, and fleas? This is one of the common benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil. The strong aroma of the oil will keep your house free of all insects. It is a natural bug repellent without the poisonous properties.


10. Treats Oral Infections

Various studies have been conducted to study the antibacterial properties of Cedarwood Essential Oil. One conclusion that was found is that Cedarwood Essential Oil is an excellent alternative to help remove yeast and bacteria that cause oral infections.


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