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Diwali Sparkle


Diwali Sparkle Spray is infused with the goodness of Grapefruit and Spearmint Essential Oil that uplift mood and improve focus. Moreover, the added benefits of Lavender Essential Oil improves sleep and cures headache. Buy Diwali Sparkle Spray to reduce anxiety and experience mental peace.

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About Diwali Sparkle Sprays

The festival of Diwali is celebrated with equal passion and joy by the people of all ages around the world. The glittering earthen lamps at the doorsteps along with beautifully decorated houses make up for a mesmerizing view. The lovely get-together brings along a chance to catch up with your loved ones and exchange great stories and amazing gifts. If you are having a hard time deciding a perfect gift for your friends and families, then worry no more. Lighten up your Diwali by Arome Global’s Diwali Sparkle Spray, a chemical-free product plucked straight from nature. We have perfectly captured the essence of Diwali in a bottle and present you with a product specially designed keeping your comfort and well-being in mind.

Diwali Sparkle Spray is infused with the goodness of Grapefruit and Spearmint Essential Oil that can be sprayed around the house to create an exuberant ambience. The sweet aroma of Grapefruit Essential Oil mixed with the crisp fragrance of Spearmint Essential Oil helps you overcome a hard day’s tension and calms your senses.

Being rich in Lavender Essential Oil, it can also be used as a body mist for fighting body odor and experiencing re-energized. Furthermore, it can be sprayed on the bedsides to create a lovely vibe in the bedroom. It can improve sleep and alleviate stress. We recommend buying Diwali Sparkle Spray to comfort mood and experience relaxation.

Diwali Sparkle
Extraction Method

Plant Origin

Main Constituents



Body Systems

 Sweet Minty Fresh Citrusy Floral
Shelf Life

4-5 years

Safety & Warnings

For external use only.
Keep out of reach of children.
Be careful not to get it in your eyes or your mucous membranes.
Consult a health care practitioner before use If pregnant or suffering from any medical condition.
Do not use on broken skin.
Not to be used by children under three years of age.

Spray around the house and enjoy the aroma.
May be used as a body mist
or sprayed on the bed.
Shake before use.
Store in a cool
dry place.
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