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Winter Blues


Winter Blues Spray has an earthy aroma of Cinnamon Essential Oil that is warm and comforting in nature. It is infused with the goodness of Ginger and Peppermint Essential Oil that brings focus and boosts confidence. Buy Winter Blues Spray to ease tension and experience mental relaxation.

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About Winter Blues Sprays

Winter is awaited for its endless list of festivals and pleasant weather, along with great food that adds a cherry on top. The gracefully adorned shops look lovely as the light twinkles through shiny decorations. Nothing feels as special as walking along with the serene snow-covered sidewalks through those narrow allies in a snowy evening. If you are looking to make your winters even more special then we have got something in store. Arome Global presents you Winter Blues Spray, a product carefully designed keeping your well-being in mind. Plus, its tranquil fragrance makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Winter Blues Spray contains the power of Ginger and Cinnamon Essential Oils that provide calmness and serenity. Spray it around the house to create a relaxing atmosphere and escape from the burdens of daily life. What’s more is the added benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil are well-known for its ability to de-stress. It helps fight fatigue and boosts energy levels.

Being rich in Orange Essential Oil, Winter Blues Spray has therapeutic benefits that provide emotional balance and promotes restful sleep. A few sprays along the bedsides are sufficient to create a comforting ambience in the bedroom. Moreover, it has a stimulating aroma that enhances mental relaxation and calmness. We recommend buying Winter Blues Spray to promote emotional wellness.

Winter Blues
Extraction Method

Plant Origin

Main Constituents



Body Systems

 Minty Spicy Earthy Citrusy
Shelf Life

4-5 years

Safety & Warnings

For external use only.
Keep out of reach of children.
Be careful not to get it in your eyes or your mucous membranes.
Consult a health care practitioner before use If pregnant or suffering from any medical condition.
Do not use on broken skin.
Not to be used by children under three years of age.

Spray around the house and enjoy the aroma.
May be used as a body mist
or sprayed on the bed.
Shake before use.
Store in a cool
dry place.
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